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  1. Title: HP=RTPxT/5252
    Schiller Museum - Weimar, Germany.
    Work by Edoardo Tedde and Nikola Kekerović

    Medium music performance - duration 01:15.00
    Materials DIY prop-instruments, microphones, amplifiers and smart phones


    HP=RPMxT/5252 is a two-man band project, an up-front, uncompromising and ironic music performance.
    The work reflects on the artists’ knowledge of rock/hard-core punk music to set up a manifesto of expressed opinions and critical thinking. During the performance the artists generate an artistic statement about contemporary societies, architecture, politics, individuality, communication and public spaces, while using voice and playing on DIY prop-instruments and smartphones.
    Thanks to the vast range of topics involved in the texts - alternately spoken and sung - the performance is thought to be adapted to different contexts on a case-by-case basis.


  3. Photos by Carlos Santos