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  1. Title: LAST MAN ON SHIP
    Shot 2018, editing 2019

    Film colour, sound, 16:9, duration: 00:15:00
    By Edoardo Tedde, Nikola Kekerović, Devadeep Gupta, Lukas Grubba (movie maker and editor) and Franziska Pohlmann (movie producer and composer).

    Premiere 14 April 2019, within the cinema programme of the Imaginary Bauhaus Exhibition at the Schiller Museum, Weimar, Germany


    LAST MAN ON SHIP is a dystopian film that follows a lonesome figure around an empty setting. Lost in - and embraced by - the huge architectural frame, the caracter is being immersed in the continuous contrast between a world characterized by an absence of reasoning or intelligence and his inner metamorphoses.  The ever-present, bleak non-spaces alternate with the character's duality and illusory nature displaying a surreal narrative.