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    Shot in 2018, edited in 2019
    Film, colour, sound, 16:9, duration: 00:31:02
    By Edoardo Tedde, Nikola Kekerović, Devadeep Gupta and the German director, movie producer and composer Franziska Pohlmann.

    Premiere: 14 April 2019, within the cinema programme of the Imaginary Bauhaus Exhibition at the Schiller Museum, Weimar, Germany.


    LAST MAN ON SHIP is a dystopian film. The movie follows a lonesome figure around the setting, lost in emptiness and embraced by the huge brutal architectural frame. Divided in three chapters - Hope, Void, Doom - this post-depression, empty, lonely world is characterized by an absence of reasoning or intelligence. The film investigates the architectural legacy of the of the ideas of modernist progress and questions their status in the present moment.
    The date chosen for the premiere coincides with the day of the sink of RMS Titanic, alluding to the failure of the brutalist architecture.