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  1. Title LOCKDOWN
    World Wide Web || first exhibited contemporary art museum Nivola - Orani, Italy
    Medium Video – screen capture over self-produced wallpaper
    Details colour, mute, HD, 720X1280 px
    Duration 00:05:17 (loop)
    The global lockdown sprang from the Covid-19 unveiled the most vicious aspects of neo-liberal policies, leaving millions of people around the world without effective aid - either to pay daily necessities or to cover their healthcare.
    While governments proved unwilling or unsuccessful in changing a failed social system, technology claims the right to fill the gap both in terms of human relationships and of monetizing the time spent in confinement.
    None of them seem effectively able to “unlock” the impasse.

    In the artwork the video of a smartphone’s lock-screen shows the unsuccessful attempts of its user trying to unlock the system, while the internet provider keeps broadcasting the hashtag #stayhome on the top-left corner of the screen.

  2. Installation

  3. Video