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  1. Regoltu e Candelas - Cabidanni
    Porto Tores, Italy
    Mixed media

    Curated by Maurizio Coccia
    In collaboration with Social Centre Pangea, Art Residence CAMPIDARTE and Società Agricola Mediterranea Monte Trexenta.


    The work is focused on the topic of environment and a possible counter-way to interpret its potential development.
    The entire project was divided in two phases: Regoltu e Candelas_Cabidanni (Porto Torres, Italy - September 2013) and Regoltu e Candelas_Triulas (Art residence CAMPIDARTE - Ussana, Italy - June 2014).

    The starting point of the project was the analysis of a misused and improper application of the principle of "green economy". Particularly, the work focused on the construction of a massive power plant in Porto Torres (Italy) stoked with biomasses deriving from thistles, which construction was authorized notwithstanding the dangerous environmental impact, the inconsistent local production of thistles and the scarce expectations about job posts.

    On September 2013 a torchlight procession took place in the city. The citizens were handling candles realized from a silicone rubber mould made out of a GMO thistle plant. The walk ended at the Social Centre Pangea, where a round table was arranged to discuss the relations between art, job and environment.

  2. Photos by Antonio Sini