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  1. Title: Regoltu e Candelas (Triulas)
    (2014) Art residence CAMPIDARTE, Ussana, Italy.

    Mixed media
    Curated by Maurizio Coccia
    In collaboration with Social Centre Pangea, Art Residence CAMPIDARTE and Società Agricola Mediterranea Monte Trexenta


    During the opening of the second phase (Triulas) of the project Regoltu e Candelas, a walk guided by an expert local farmer through the surrounding landscapes took place. Spontaneous species had been picked all the way through - as a simbolic harvest - then used to prepare the lunch. Pellitzas - a traditional pasta from Sardinia - was kneaded and cooked together with the participants; the flour was donated by the agriculturists involved in the project during the month of residence.
    The outcomes produced in September 2013 during the first phase (Cabidanni) - along with new productions - were exhibited in the shape of videos and installations, both outdor and inside CAMPIDARTE’s warehouse, which interiors were left untouched rather than being changed into a common white-cube space.

  2. Harvest

  3. Installations