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  1. Title: THE MIDAS TOUCH – In theory

    Part of the series THE MIDAS TOUCH

    Media objects
    Size 28x16x9cm
    Materials handmade wooden box, handmade leather wallet, laser engravings, printings, 52gm of authentic shredded euros


    The work focuses on a 1-year investigation on economic issues and summarizes the 2 practical works developed in the same time span (respectively THE MIDAS TOUCH_Money talks and THE MIDAS TOUCH_Bill(ig) ). The 3-volume theoretical writing included in the wooden box ranges from art aesthetical values theories and art market to different views on our contemporary financial structures.

    The starting point of the study is an overview of diverse authors including Claire Bishop, Mika Hannula, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Ellen Meiksins Wood, Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri and Atilio Alberto Borón.

  2. Photos by Carlos Santos