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  1. Title: The Spectacle of rejection
    Cultural artistic centre exQ, Sassari, Italy

    Medium video - 16:9, color, sound, duration 00.03.14
    In collacboration with Astral Tribe


    Starting from the analysis of the concept of spectacle theorized by Guy Debord (Paris, 1931 - Bellevue-la-Montagne, 1994), the work emphasizes how nowadays such theory ended up as part of the same spectacle it used to criticize, being retrieved and overthrown by the same repressive logic that situationists have been fighting.
    The video is a series of personal brain scans that follow a quasi-mesmerizing rhythm, repeted in a fast sequence over a loud electronic music created by the musician Astral Tribe.

    The  spectacular outcome complies deliberately with the general chaos of the media.

  2. Photo by Antonio Sini

    Photo by Antonio Sini