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  1. Title Trova l'intruso
    Cloister of University of Architecture (Alghero) and Cultural Center sQuola serale (Sassari) - Italy
    Work by collective aliment(e)azione

    *** Aliment(e)azione was a heterogeneous artistic collective born in Sardinia (Italy) that worked from 2008 until 2014.
    As one of the founders and former member, Edoardo Tedde worked with the collective untill 2012. ***

    Medium instalation - mix media

    Starting from the events occurred in January 2011 in Sardinia, Italy - when tonnes of oil have been spilled into the sea from the industrial plants of the northern areas – aliment(e)azione provided some food for thought regarding industrial pollution all over the world and its unpredictability.

  2. Photos: courtesy of aliment(e)azione archive ©