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  1. Title: Workers Quotient
    Portici Crispo - Sassari, Italy

    Medium performance


    The performance mimics the local traditions through the use of a mask made specifically for the action. Particularly,  the work addresses a critical consumption of products and the tradition that has generated them, as well as the relation between job mechanization and human presence/absence.

    Far from denying the potential benefits of developing and applying technology, the work focus on how such technology affects contemporary societies when conceived to accumulate profits on the hands of few.

    The work’s title is taken from the terminology used by the journalist, philosopher and essayist Günther Anders (12 July 1902, Breslau - 17 December 1992, Vienna) in his text The Outdatedness of Human Beings 2. On the Destruction of Life in the Era of the Third Industrial Revolution.

  2. Photos by Antonio Sini